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Evolving Pathways / Who we are

Welcome to our service.


Evolving Pathways is the service delivery arm of the charity Huarahi Tupu Charitable Trust. Huarahi Tupu is about working to support people with purpose and intent. Huarahi Tupu seeks to ensure people from all walks of life can receive professional support utilising our resources including Neurofeedback and Biofeedback.

Huarahi Tupu Charitable Trust has a unique way of funding our work through the activities of our social enterprise platform. We provide products that align WITH our work – Relax, Heal, Grow and Play particularly in the play dimension of our work. 100% of profits go towards supporting and working WITH people to overcome challenges and develop their ability to live life well. 

We call this platform “Shop With Purpose”.

In addition to our social enterprise initiative, we are grateful to be working WITH our funding partners that support the potential of people through our work.

We are located in centers across Auckland - Albany, Royal Oak, Papatoetoe with our main centre being our Royal Oak Centre!

Our Team

We are pleased to introduce our team who are passionate about building communities, providing quality services and innovative products to you that will make a real difference in your life.


We bring a depth of experiences across the therapy, human potential, organisational and community development arenas.

We believe great things can happen when people dream and work together to bring that dream alive. It is WITH all our experiences that we bring you these resources and these opportunities to you and the wider community.


Charlotte Bell





Lynley Hutton

Stephen Bell MNZM


Charlotte Bell

My work is psychotherapy. I work in a way that builds a trusting relationship where clients have the opportunity to deal with past trauma using a range of modalities. I am a qualified psychotherapist, having worked in this field for more than 30 years. I utilises a holistic model bringing together approaches which respect and work with clients’ spirituality, body responses and emotions in order to move through trauma to finding life giving ways of being and living more in the present.

I have a particular interest in how the brain is impacted by trauma, depression and anxiety. In my work I  seek to assist clients to understand this impact and find a range of ways both relationally and technologically to calm the brain and assist the brain to function at an optimal level. I have trained in Integrative Gestalt, Somatic Psychotherapy, Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, Nuero-psychotherapy, Neurofeedback and Mindfulness. I have also completed training as a Spiritual Director. I am passionate about integrating healing from an emotional, neuroscience and spiritual perspective.


Ilaria Ciavarella

Born and raised in Italy, I am constantly traveling with the aim of discovering more about myself and the world around me. Last year, within a process of personal growth, I decided to travel the length of New Zealand. In these months I had the opportunity to work with wonderful people and develop myself under so many different aspects. New Zealand gave me so much more than I would ever thought, I found friends and family, a beautiful place to call home and the opportunity to be part of this remarkable initiative from the Huarhai Tupu Charitable Trust, giving back to a community that welcomed me from the very start.

I am a digital marketing specialist with a big passion for building communities of people from different backgrounds and cultures. As in Italy when you are picturing these big families meeting every Sunday at lunch sharing food and laughs around the same big table, I am dreaming of more and more places where people can play, heal, relax and grow together around the world.


As a home–educating parent I am drawn to work in the not-for-profit sector as my way of giving back to our community.   


Before joining Huarahi Tupu Charitable Trust I was co-president for my local Playcentre, treasurer for Yoga Education in Prisons Trust and more recently treasurer for Auckland Home Educators.   I am drawn to this work because of New Zealand’s alarming statistics with respect to youth mental health and my own healing journey.  


I have a back-ground in secondary school education which I put to good use on the home front.  In my spare time I enjoy reading historical fiction, gardening and 5 Rhythms dance.


Lynley Hutton

I believe in a world where we focus on well-being, where we work with each other, where we help each other, where we grow and share our expertise, where we create caring communities, where we celebrate diversity.  That’s why I am involved in setting up this [organisation/trust]. 


I’m excited by the possibilities arising from emerging therapies involving neuroscience, having studied and researched about the brain and individual differences.  Exploring and applying new technologies, as well as drawing on existing bodies of knowledge that can contribute to the personal development and wellness of others are worthwhile activities.  


I am happy to have the opportunity to contribute what I can through the Ki Charitable Trust.

My background in research, as well as more than 20 years of leadership experience across the government, private and education sectors, provides me with tools to draw on to support the [organisation] as it establishes and grows towards achieving its objectives.  


My governance skills have been honed through serving on the boards and committees of various not-for profit entities, where I have drawn on my strategic and financial skills to enable supportive, solid and stable environments to help people and organisations thrive. 

Stephen Bell MNZM

Many years ago I was working as a registered nurse and tentatively entered a training programme for counsellors little knowing that this would set me on a whole new direction and change my life.

Prior to nursing I worked in the commercial world and never dreamed that I would have the privilege to work with people who were struggling with real life and death situations.

I have now been in the counselling sector for over 35 years and led the development of Youthline's training programmes and services. These programmes have provided opportunities for personal and professional development enabling individuals and families to heal and grow. I was one of Auckland’s first Family Court Stopping violence facilitators and worked with hundreds of men, young and old to find new ways forward to live life without violence.

I especially love that the personal development programme that I developed 30 years is still going strong and providing meaningful experiences for thousands of people. This work is about building insight, either working WITH one individual or WITH communities of thousands. 


The themes that underpin our work are Relax, Heal, Grow and Play. Together they speak of the experiences of my work where I have witnessed the pain people carry, the courage it takes to heal and the delight I have when communities with diversity connect, build empathy, relax and play together.

I also draw upon the world of psychodrama particularly role training which is a strength based practice which helps people review and develop new ways of thinking, feeling and acting in their world. 

I am so excited to be building this new initiative, taking the experiences of the last 30 years and taking them further forward. Utilsing the advances in neuroscience, physiology and digital technologies and bringing them together to make a significant positive impact enabling people to live their life at their full potential. 

I also dream of a new way of funding this work so that people from all backgrounds can access what they need to break the cycle of pain and trauma. Developing new skills and ways of being, creating their future not just being passive recipients of charity.


So alongside this work we are developing a creative funding model providing products that align to our themes and modelling the journey of independence which we undertake with those we work WITH.

Working WITH and creating together is key and the Ki Charitable Trust creates a community space to support, reach and involve people so together we can make a difference to people’s well being and our communities future.

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