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How we can help

Evolving and changing can be tough and even tougher if we attempt to do it alone. We help through a clear step by step process, where we are alongside you as each step is taken.

We start with a very full assessment identifying how we may help but also if there are other services that would support you better. The focus is you and what will move you towards achieving your hopes and your goals.

An assessment is an intentional conversation where we together build a plan that is uniquely yours. We will draw upon all our services; Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Psychodrama and other support to support our plan and get the success that you deserve. 

As we take the steps together along this planned pathway we will review how you and we are doing, adjusting and modifying our plan together.

We work with a wide range of issues and each issue presents its own unique challenges.  

Our services and programmes cover anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, relationships and communication, anger and/or violence, stress, personal development, self Esteem and mindfulness.

The neurofeedback and biofeedback services are also utilised in high performance training.

We work with individuals, couples, families, teams and organisations.

Contact us and see if together we can make a difference. Click here to find out our philosophy re access and costs.

Evolving Pathways / How we can help


One to One Support

We can help through tailoring a unique programme just for you


Creating Great Experiences for Personal and Professional Development



Health through Awareness


Brain Re-training - Relaxing - Healing - Performance



A way of seeing and understanding our world.

Info & Support

Supportive and Useful Information and Referrals

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