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One to One Support

We can help through tailoring a unique programme just for you!

Our Counselling service is different for each person.


We work with you to identify what would be helpful from our time together. We develop a programme specifically for you. Together we find a way forward. 


We leave space for those “eureka’ moments where you arrive at clarity, hope and inspiration. The sessions provide reflection and insight, identifying the roles and patterns (ways that you think, feel and behave) in the world, understanding where and how you learnt them and what connects them in your life.


Through these sessions you affirm what works for you and identify what roles you could develop that may serve you better, acting on goals and hopes for your life. 


Our commitment to you


We will:

Listen with care and respect
Be honest and respectful
Answer your questions
Develop the focus of our work together
Let you know what resources are available for you
Help you link with another service if that is what you wish
Have a clear code of ethics
Be confidential and talk with you if we are concerned


A specialist one to one service - Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is a dynamic process which involves a client developing a trusting relationship with a trained psychotherapist. This relationship is essential to the healing process where a safe and healing relationship is developed over time. This relationship provides the space for a client to bring their whole selves including their past hurts, traumas, conflicts, fears, hopes and dreams. Issues are then addresses by revisiting unresolved issues in the past in new and healing ways.


So the emphasis is not on the retelling of past experiences but on revisiting the past with the aspects that were ‘missing’ to create healing experiences and shift how these experiences are held in the brain.


Psychotherapy is integrated with a neuroscience perspective taking into account how the past has impacted the brain. With traumatic experiences the brain develops to become over-aroused and develops ‘protective’ patterns keeping people trapped in patterns of fight, flight or freeze.


Effective psychotherapy assists clients to calm the brain in order to develop new neural networks. These new neural networks enable a cohesive self to exist and from this place, a real relationship can be developed where healing of past issues can occur and new growth is possible.

Our one to one support service is supported by neurofeedback, biofeedback and our other resources to help you Relax, Heal, Grow and Play.  

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