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A way of seeing and understanding our world.
For individuals and groups to discover new ways of "being". 


Psychodrama helps people understand their world, both the world around us and our inner world. It is about understanding the roles (ways of behaving) we operate from and how we can address the roles that don't serve us and how can develop new roles to better Relax, Heal, Grow and Play.

Psychodrama is an active and creative therapeutic approach that was conceived and developed by Jacob L. Moreno, MD.


Psychodrama is a way of understanding ourselves and the world around. Psychodrama is used to examine problems or issues raised by an individual to enable past, present and future life events to be explored.


Psychodrama facilitates insight, personal growth, and integration of our thinking, feeling and physical dimensions. It clarifies issues, increases physical and emotional well-being, enhances learning and develops new skills.


The word 'Psychodrama' is often used as a generic term when talking about the range of action methods that J L Moreno developed.  


Psychodrama draws upon role theory, group dynamics and other experiential methods including role play, role training, sociodrama and sociometry.

Role play

Role play is an educational resource to help understand and learn new information and new skills 

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Role training

Role training focuses on developing new roles to manage and be more effective in your world.

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Sociodrama helps groups (including families) understand how they are operating and what new roles need to be developed to be more effective, as a workgroup, a social group or as a family. 

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Sociometry helps us understand the relationships that make up our world; what adds to our life and what diminishes our life.

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