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Brain Re-training - Relaxing - Healing - Performance

The activity in your brain influences everything you think, feel and do and just as you can exercise to get physically fit you can also “exercise” your brain to be more efficient and more comfortable.


Neurofeedback is a way to influence brain activity and to understand neurofeedback we need to understand a little about brainwaves.


Brainwaves are electrical impulses produced as your brain cells communicate with one another. Brainwaves give insights to how you think, feel and do; your stress levels, underlying mood and overall brain function. 


We can read your brain’s activity by placing sensors on your head. We start with a mini-map and a thorough assessment so together we can understand what specific brain activity may be influencing your symptoms and what we can do to improve things including performance if you are focusing on a particular area.


Brainwaves change according to what we’re doing and feeling. When you feel tired, slow, sluggish or dreamy slower brainwaves are dominant and when we feel wired or hyper higher frequencies are dominant.


Once we have a good understanding we can create a training plan to gently coach your brain through neurofeedback into a more comfortable and efficient state.  So neurofeedback is a way to train your brain’s activity so that you can improve your performance emotionally, intellectually and physically.


Just as it takes some time to get fit and skillful in a particular physical activity, the more we do neurofeedback exercises the more likely we can “lock in” the improvements.


During a neurofeedback session, we compare what your brain is actually doing to what you'd like it to be doing. When your brain is nearing a more comfortable state, you are rewarded with a positive response on a computer screen. Usually, this ‘neuro-feedback’ is in the form of a video game, sounds or movie. 


The sounds and images tell you immediately when your brain approaches a more efficient place and when not. When the movie/game plays, it is because your brain is approaching the desired state. When the movie/game stops, it is because your brain is heading the other way. 


The more your brain is exercised with neurofeedback the more comfortable and more efficient it becomes. As with learning any new skill, it attention, time and practice. 


We use neurofeedback alongside other development tools to help people Relax, Heal, Grow and Play.

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