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Info and support

Supportive and Useful Information and Referrals

Over the last 30 years, we have collected a wealth of information, exercises and resources to support you Relax, Heal, Grow and Play.


We will add to this page on a weekly basis - feel free to use these resources. If they come from someone else (and we know about it) we will acknowledge the source.  Please also acknowledge them if you use them. With our resources please use and enjoy! No need to acknowledge us though we do love feedback and encouragement.


Additionally, on a monthly basis, we will add a blog to the "Resources & News" page. 


We will also keep adding to the range of web-based therapy resources. Make use of them. If you are seeing someone face to face these resources are a great tool for reflection and discussion. 

How Anger Affects Us

A series of resources to understand anger and violence


A series of information resources about neurofeedback

Understanding Ourself

Three views into our being


Psychodrama - not a therapy but a way of seeing the world and understanding ourselves

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