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Creating Great Experiences for Personal, Professional and Family Development

We provide a range of programmes to help you Relax, Heal, Grow and Play.


We also can refer you to other recommended programmes. Whatever is best for you.

For better or worse we have learnt and developed who we are through our social interactions over our life. The world around has helped shape who we are.

Our programmes will help you develop new ways of being in the world. They are enriching experiences and can be attended as a standalone programme or alongside our other services.

Each programme has its own unique focus and we draw upon mindfulness, psychodrama, role training and play therapy as well as address specific issues.

Our programmes:

Personal Development

From Wishing to Being

Harness Anger – Transforming Anger

Walking the Path of Your Heart

Moving forward WITH grief

Transforming Anxiety and Depression

Youth Online - Counselling and Mentoring 

Youth and Family Online - Counselling and Mentoring 


Stress Management

Alpha Theta Training

Evolving a Pathway 


High Performance Training utilising Neurofeedback and Biofeedback


Counselling, Therapy and Educational Tools

Action Methods to your practice

Facilitated Role Play Toolkit


Organisational Development Tools

Accessible Quality Assurance Reflections

One Pagers - Business Strategies and Business Plans


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