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about huarahi tupu

Evolving Pathways is the service arm of the Huarahi Tupu Charitable Trust.


Huarahi Tupu is about a journey of growth, our past in front of us and as we greet our past and learn we build hope and opportunities for our future. Huarahi Tupu is about the support we need on the way, from family and others who travel with us.


Huarahi Tupu is about the collectively facing our past so that we can learn and through that develop our community so that our young can have a better future. We help people navigate new ways to live life. 


Collectively the people involved in the Huarahi Tupu Charitable Trust have over 150 years’ experience within the community sector.  We are pleased to partner with other organisations to build community one relationship at a time. We build a supportive sustainable community with partners - individuals,  families, philanthropy, and business. 


We also bring a passion to find new ways to fund our work so that all can access these services regardless of their financial position.

Social Enterprise is "doing business for good" and we have created products and services where all profits go 100% towards supporting people to

Relax, Heal, Grow and Play.


Our kaupapa is the themes of our mahi – Relax, Heal, Grow and Play. If people relax they will heal, if they heal they will grow and if people play they will be engaged and contribute to their world and the community around them.


People from all backgrounds can access support to begin and continue a healing journey and through that achieve a life rich with potential.

Business Vision

A purposeful business where our activities contribute and enable people from all backgrounds to access cutting edge healing practices such as neurofeedback and biofeedback..


Collaborating to create opportunities for people to Relax, Heal, Grow and Play.


Reflection - Creating space to learn and build community through service, mindfulness, science and results focused actions.

Understanding - Developing insights, seeing the themes and patterns of our life and work. Appreciating our uniqueness, developing empathy and alignment thoughts feelings and actions.

Realness - the real relationship - you and us. Taking responsibility and being upfront.  Learning to be OK with our emotional life.

Discovery and Journeying - Being curious, open to the new, growing through experiencing and playing. Be agile and flexible to create new paradigms in healing and community building.

Co-creating - Celebrating diversity, working together, collaborating, drawing upon the therapeutic and the business dimensions - doing social good through social enterprise.

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